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This page is linked from http://www.pound-ix.net/ (thanks ianai) and http://www.hash-ix.net/ (thanks ivan_bev :)

#ix is an IRC channel for IX-related chat (netops, peering, maintenance notification, etc). Put your proper name (& possibly company) in your "RealName" IRC entry, and please append your AS number to your username, so people can find you if they need to contact a rep of your ASN - ESPECIALLY if you are new!

For connection onto the IRC network, please contact me, ivan_bev (email at bottom of page).

Links to #ix and peering related sites and information

The technical side:

The travel side:

The social side:

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What's missing? pm me or email me:
ivan_bev (IRC)
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Ivan Beveridge <ivan.beveridge@dreamtime.org>

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